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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lisa & Matt are married!

I love suprises! any kind of suprise.. I don't mind..
But when Lisa contacted me about her suprise wedding, that is BIG!
Right on my mind, I can imagine of timeless and priceless expression and I am honored to be capture those memories. Thank you!

Anxious Lisa.



love1 copy







How cool is that to blow "HEART" at your wedding day!


Christine said...

Did their guests not realize they were coming to a wedding? How crazy and fun! I love the shot of him down on one knee, kissing her hand. Just fantastic!

Cliff said...

They're expressions are priceless! I love the bokeh shots outside as well. Good work James!

Eliza Claire said...

The photos of him down on one knee are gorgeous!

Drew said...

HAHA, the last one of the blowing the heart in the cold air is so childish :-)... but so amazing. Nice work

Razvan said...

A surprise wedding? That's a cool idea!I've never seen one of these but it looks like they had so much fun! Great work