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Monday, August 16, 2010

Tawnya + Dustin = Married

I didn't know that Tawnya was a model, till the Dad's speeches. No wonder, she acted naturally infront of camera and has a killer pose too. Check her pose...

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Lyn Ismael-Bennett said...

Great job, James! I'm loving the bride's portrait showcasing her birdcage veil :)

Donna Hall-Brodie said... did a fabulous job at Tawnya & Dustin's Wedding - these pics are GREAT! Can't wait to see the rest :-)

Mother of the Bride

Clickr Photography said...

Thanks Lyn.. She owned the birdcage.. :)

Thanks Donna... I am flattered and gives energy boost to finished it off all the photo this week.

Judy Hall, Grandmother of the Bride said...

Amazing pics. Cannot wait to see the rest of them. Great Job!

Hayley Fillier said...

Hi James.... Nothing short of amazing. you are Defiantly in the right line of work. It was so nice to have met you! I will be in touch....